All about MOX

Made from a natural team and natural ingredients.

How did we come about?

Founded by a dynamic group of innovators - Maripier Morin, Angelo Rubino, Gerardo Rubino, Dominic Tougas and Nicolas Biagioni - MOX is a brand that’s redefining the world of mocktails. Each member brings a unique skill set and passion to the table, shaping MOX into an extraordinary entity that offers more than just non-alcoholic beverages; it's a lifestyle choice and a celebration of flavor and balance.

Together, they've created MOX, a brand that celebrates individual tastes, healthier choices, and the joy of living life in high spirits, minus the spirits. With its innovative offerings and commitment to excellence, MOX is setting a new standard in the world of mocktails.



The mix of spiced rum, mango, and lavender creates a unique, subtle combination of flavors that will transport you into a world of delights. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or impress your guests at your next event, our MOX mocktail is the perfect choice.

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The floral and fruity notes of elderberry flower and blueberry blend perfectly with the spicy aromas of ginger and the subtle bitterness of non-alcoholic gin. The result is a harmonious balance of flavors that will leave you with a feeling of freshness and lightness.

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The sweet bitterness of non-alcoholic Campari and the freshness of vodka blend perfectly with the tangy flavors of cranberry and the spicy, exotic touch of cardamom. This harmonious alliance of tastes will transport you to a world of finesse and lightness.

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The slight bitterness of non-alcoholic Campari and the fruity sweetness of red vermouth pair wonderfully with the sparkling freshness of non-alcoholic wine and the citrusy touch of orange zest. The result is a perfect balance of flavors that will awaken your senses and transport you to a world of indulgence and lightness.

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